LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As 6 News’ day-long fundraiser for Ukraine continues into the evening, experts who are currently working in Ukraine are providing their insight as to what Ukrainians need the most.

For many Ukrainians. power and water access has been cut off.

UNICEF is working to provide emergency water trucking to those who need it, as well as an array of other supplies.

“Provide some equipment that can make some very quick repairs to infrastructure and then bring in relief supplies, other relief supplies, like first aid kits, medical equipment, and emergency sort of food rations, even to areas that are really badly affected by fighting because people have essentially been cuts off for weeks,” said Toby Fricker, a UNICEF spokesperson.

Fricker is currently in Ukraine, and he says that no one can live in those conditions and that no child should have to live in those conditions.

Though children are fleeing the country, conditions in other countries pose their own challenges.

“More than 2.2 million children now have fled the country across, into, to neighboring countries,” said Fricker.

Fricker says that UNICEF is doing what it can to keep Ukrainian refugees informed.

“It’s also about UNICEF working with local authorities to make sure screening is done, to make sure that those children who are on the move are with someone who’s caring and nurturing for them,” continued Fricker. “Ideally their mother, or if not, it’s a family member, but making sure that they’re with someone who’s where there’s.”

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