LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For families in Ukraine, staying together is a priority.

Those working with UNICEF say that watching families separate is extremely sad, with many fathers saying goodbye to their wives and children as they leave Ukraine.

Fathers are having to explain to their children why they are choosing to stay in Ukraine, and some people have had to leave the country all alone.

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“I spoke to, you know, most recently a pregnant woman who was only weeks away from having her babies and she was pregnant with twins,” said James Elder with UNICEF. “Now, she was meant to give birth in her city, around family and soon-to-be grandparents and her husband. And that’s no longer the case.”

According to Elder, the next time he saw the pregnant woman, it was in a different city, and she was all alone.

“It was cold. She was stressed. She was likely going to have those babies premature, husband wasn’t there. Her parents weren’t there, no friends,” continued Elder.

The woman Elder spoke with is hiding in a bunker, and that is where she will give birth.

For the woman, she told Elder that Ukraine is her home, a place where she wants to watch her children grow up.

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