LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As 6 News’ day-long fundraiser for Ukraine continues, experts are talking about how families are being affected by the war.

Since the war began. more than two million children have had to flee Ukraine.

An additional 2.5 million Ukrainian people have also been displaced.

6 News is Here For Ukraine by raising money for UNICEF to help children and refugees that are feeling the effects of the war.

“When I’m at a hospital, as I was very recently, and you see those supplies being shared and you see those supplies being used, and maybe it was the little girl I met, who was 14, who had been shot,” said James Elder, a UNICEF spokesperson. “And you see the support, she’s getting that, you know, those supplies on those trucks that go into the country and then we take them.”

Elder says that donations will go towards things like hospital supplies, and basic supplies like water.

Use the QR code to donate to UNICEF and help the children of Ukraine. You can also give by going to

“Unfortunately, water infrastructure has been bombed quite frequently. And as we know, I mean, water is everything,” continued Elder.

Families in Ukraine are stuck in places that don’t have access to water.

Luckily, UNICEF has the means to get water to people, thanks to donations.

“UNICEF takes generators to areas to pump water. We take from the biggest generators to the smallest water purification tablets, because that’s about clean water,” said Elder. “It’s about medical supplies. It’s about essential drugs. It’s increasingly about nutrition because these families often we’re talking about a month, five weeks now, families being trapped in areas where the basics like food are not getting to them things worldwide.”

If you would like to help raise money for UNICEF, you can scan the QR code above and it will take you directly to the UNICEF website so that you can donate to the WLNS fundraiser.