LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — 6 News is raising money for UNICEF to help those most impacted in Ukraine, including millions of children.

We spoke with UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder, who just left Ukraine, and we asked him how the situation looked in person, and what’s being done to help.

“The situation in Ukraine is a mixed bag,” Elder said. “Obviously there’s good news for those people around the Capitol because there now seems that there’s been a lot of troop movement out of those areas. So those people now for a moment are out of bunkers. We even see people returning to the city, but of course, no one there is celebrating, because in other cities across the country, as you and I speak, bombardments continue.

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“We see on the news redeployment of troops and so on. So there’s grave concerns for thousands of civilians, including children, who are in those cities. And they’re really in the east and the south of the country. So children are still under bombardment and hundreds of thousands have fled their home.”

“Our big response has been around emergency medical supplies. Emergency medical supplies, and support for trauma because kids are living through a war and that’s traumatic.”

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