PEWAMO-WESTPHALIA, Mich. (WLNS) – In front of a packed house, Jamison and Grady Eklund were unstoppable. The duo combined for 56 points, two more points than their opponent Fowler scored in the entire game.

“It was fun you know, it was a big rivalry game, they were a good team and it was a packed house so we just used that energy as fuel and we pushed through it,” Jamison Eklund said. “I honestly had no clue how many points I had. I was focused on winning and that’s all I really cared about anyway.”

“We just went out there and did what we usually do. It was a big game and a lot of people were at that game,” Grady Eklund said. “It was probably the biggest game I have ever played in and we just went out there and did our thing.”

“We got into the locker room, looked at the book, and saw how many points they had and all of us coaches were in disbelief,” Dominic Schneider said. “I mean we thought maybe Jamison was in the mid-20s and Grady was in the upper teens then you find out they had 35 and 21, it just came so easy for them. The game was just so easy for them and they were in the flow of it. They were picking and choosing their spots and they did a great job settling in and not trying to do too much.”

Putting up some big numbers with the Eklund last name is nothing new around the Pewamo-Westphalia area. In fact, P-W basketball is basically in Jamison and Grady’s blood, as they are following in the footsteps of their Dad, Steve.

“I definitely have more work to do but it is cool that he went to Grand Valley and that is kinda where I want to go,” Grady Eklund said. “I want to follow in his footsteps and he’s taught me everything I know.”

“His parents did videotape some of his games so we have been able to watch and I kind of see a little bit of a resemblance between me and him,” Jamison said. “Grady is just the odd one out, he looks a little different than the rest of us.”

Even with monster performances like the one the Eklund brothers had on Friday, they aren’t letting that distract them from their ultimate goal of one-upping their Dad.

“I don’t think we have one-upped him yet,” Jamison Eklund said. “We still got a long way to go, we got to get to that Breslin and win that State Championship.”