Client Testimonial Video: Getting Rid of Cigarette Odor

Excitement from buying a new home quickly soured for Helen Mack the first time she walked through her new front door.

“The cigarette smoke was overwhelming. We walked in and we were coughing, it was so bad,” she said. “Up in the ceiling tiles, we found ashtrays. Cigarettes in every corner of the house. The smell was unreal!”

You can mask tobacco odor, but you can’t eliminate it without a thorough professional odor removal process.

In this video, Steve Scott, a certified PuroClean technician, shows us the steps he took to clean Helen’s home.

“I call him my angel contractor. He knew everything that I needed to do. Everything,” said Helen.

Video Transcript:

Helen Mack, Client: I had been looking at condos for about a month. When we came into this condo, she had the windows all open it, was a breezy, nice, 65-degree day and she had cookies baking. She had at least a dozen Glade plugins plugged into the wall and because I like pretty smelling things — I’m a very trusting soul, so I didn’t even key in on that. I bought the place. 

As soon as she moved out, it was closed in for one day, the cigarette smoke was overwhelming. We walked in and we were coughing it was so bad. As we started going through the place, we found up in the ceiling tiles we found ashtrays cigarettes in every corner of the house. The smell was unreal!

Steve Scott, PuroClean: She was nervous when she brought me over here that I wasn’t going to be able to smell it and she opens the front door and just that suction of air was like, ‘woah’! You can mask tobacco smell, but you can’t eliminate it. 

Unfortunately, tobacco is a process. You have to get rid of all the porous materials that you can get rid of, that includes ceiling tile and carpet, the pad even underneath. If there’s ceiling fans, that smoke gets in the motors. Once all that’s clean and you remove all the porous materials, then it’s our job to come in and clean the walls. We use fogging, thermal fogging so it’s able to get in behind cabinets and get in behind the stoves and get in behind the microwaves. You have to engulf the whole house in it. After the thermal fogging, that’s step one, then step two is you’ve got to clean all the walls. You foam everything, and the foaming and the fogging — what it does is encapsulates when it comes to odor. Encapsulating is the keyword, you have to encapsulate the odor.

Helen Mack, Client: I call him my angel contractor! He knew everything that I needed to do — everything. He’s been at my beck and call.”

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