Car Crashes, Solitary Confinement & PPOs

In this episode, Michigan car accident attorney Stephen Sinas is talking about car crashes, and answering some of the most frequently asked questions his law firm gets, in the more than 70 years they have handling these types of legal cases. The days and weeks following a crash can be stressful, and for many, they’re unsure what are the next steps.

Mary Chartier, Takura Nyamfukudza & Marisa Vinsky of Chartier & Nyamfukudza, PLC take this episode to discuss what solitary confinement is, how a prisoner might end up there and the impact it has on a person’s mental health.

We end the episode with Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm finishing her conversation with family law attorney Nancy Gallagher of Gallagher, Everitt & Associates about a client of Nancy’s who was going through a divorce and tragically murdered by her ex-husband. The two attorneys touch discuss the issue of domestic violence and obtaining a personal protection order. (Watch S4, Episode 3 for part 1)