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JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – In 2019, Jeromy Alexander lost to current mayor Derek Dobies by less than 400 votes.

Now two years later, he’s ready to give it another chance.

“I just talked to my supporters and they wanted me on the ballot one way or the other so, I think I had nine or ten supporters gather together on the last day or two and we got all the signatures turned in, so here I am on the mayor’s ballot,” said Alexander.

Born and raised in Jackson, Alexander has served as a council member for Ward Three since 2017.

“I believe in a government by the people, for the people, and built of the people. I’m just a guy from Jackson and I’m here to serve.”

Alexander believes a city under his leadership starts with having an open dialogue.

“I go over this again and again and there’s a lot more action that we can do too, but listening… There are so many people in disagreements, so many people with different ideas about how to solve a problem and we actually just have to listen to all of them. You can’t make a decision for people without listening to those people,” he said.

Alexander says he wants to make sure Jackson is a place people want to come to.

“The long-term vision for Jackson is to get us back to a city of 60,000 people. What is better than increasing taxes? Well just increase the number of people paying those taxes side by side with you.”

When it comes to major issues facing the city, Alexander says he wants to continue the progress being made while also getting out to listen to what changes people think are needed.

“Whether it’s the lead and copper rule, whether it’s streets’, whether it’s gun violence, addressing those issues but listening to our businesses. What do businesses want to come into the city of Jackson? We need more businesses, we need more employment options. We need more variety for our constituents.”

Alexander says he loves and respects his challengers, but believes it’s time for a new voice.

“If Jackson wants to keep seeing the same old choices, you can pick your choice. If Jackson wants to see something different – If Jackson wants to see somebody who comes forward without a personal agenda. If Jackson wants to see somebody who is here to serve you then I’m your choice,” he said.

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