JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)—The Jackson Police Department will send police recruits to the Mid-Michigan Police Academy at Lansing Community College amid a new recruitment program.

The Jackson Police Dept. will send recruits Antoinette Lewis and Nikolas Rincon. Both of these police recruits have completed training, and the next step will be an offer as patrol officer positions open within the department.

Elmer Hitt, the Director of Jackson Police and Fire Services, says police agencies across the country
are facing difficulties filling police officer positions.

“It is our hope that this new recruit program will help to provide yet another
opportunity for us to fill our officer vacancies and keep our department well-staffed in order to provide a level of service the community deserves,” Director Hitt said.

This is the first time the police department has hired recruits to send directly to the academy. The Jackson Police Department will cover Lewis and Rincon’s tuition, and pay them a police recruit wage during their individual training.

“This is great because I won’t have to worry about getting hired somewhere while I am at the academy. I can just focus on my training,” Rincon said.

“I’m looking forward to making a positive impact in people’s lives and building relationships with the community,” Lewis said.

Lewis and Rincon are expected to complete training this December.