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Jody Carpenter is a Travel Agent at one of Michigan’s top Travel Agencies, Capital Are Travel Leaders.

“Traveling to Italy has been one of the highlights of my career. From the cobble stone streets of Rome to the magnificent waterways of Venice, Italy will not disappoint. It feels like it was yesterday when I stood in the Vatican and looked up at the Sistine Chapel. Even if you don’t know much about art or the Renaissance Period you will be in complete amazement when you discover Italy and it’s many hidden treasures”

Jody’s Travel specialties are Ireland, Italy, Alaska, and Group Travel.

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Russ has been a full time travel consultant for over 32 years specializing in the cruise industry with a focus on the Caribbean, Mexico as well as Australia. He has been on over 60 cruises, and has booked and escorted dozens of groups. He loves to swim, snorkel and just sun bath. Golf is also one of his passions and the best golf courses in the world are near the oceans or seas. He loves working with his clients and watching them get excited about their trips and then to listen to all their stories and all the fun they had on those trips. It makes his job truly rewarding and fulfilling. Making customers completely satisfied each and every time they travel is his goal. He belongs to ASTA, CLIA, IATA and ARC. He is ACC (Accredited Cruise Counselor) and is working on his MCC (Master Cruise Counselor). He feels his cruise experience is invaluable in helping those who want to cruise. He has a wealth of information and tip’s to share.

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