Karin Hanson joined MSU nearly 12 years ago after working in the world of corporate human resources and recruiting for 17 years. Developing effective college relationships and helping students and new employees succeed were a passion of hers. The opportunity to bring her expertise in professional development and her dedication to helping others find career success to students at her alma mater, MSU, was the perfect match.

While serving at Michigan State University, she is dedicated to leading students in their professional development by providing tools and resources to help them land that first internship or kick-off their career, and most importantly, will equip them with a lifetime of professional success while pursuing their passion. Through partnering with faculty, employers, alumni and students across campus, she creates opportunities for students to explore career fields, build networking relationships with alumni and employers and learn how to properly position themselves to attain their goals.  Students have traveled to cities across the country and globe with Karin to learn more about their field of interest and connect with employers face to face.

In her current role as Director of Employer Relations and Communications, she creates opportunities for employers to connect with Spartans through unique networking events, faculty introductions, workshops, coffee chats, student-employer site visits and treks, interviews and a multitude of face-to face and virtual career fairs. She understands the distinctive needs of different employers and collaborates with the entire MSU Career Services Network to provide the connection needed to produce results.

Karin’s goal is to continue to provide tools to help Spartans succeed as they pursue their dreams throughout their lives—Spartans Will.