Green Cell Foam is the most environmentally sustainable and functional packaging material available. Made from US-grown corn, Green Cell Foam is certified compostable in backyard and industrial facilities and can even be dissolved in a sink for safe and easy disposal. This unique material combines exceptional cushioning and thermal insulating protection, while protecting the planet.  

A product of KTM Industries Inc., Green Cell Foam is a unique natural, environmentally friendly packaging material. Available since 2002, Green Cell Foam matches the performance of petroleum based foams while providing customers with an eco-conscious, compostable alternative made from cornstarch.

Our goal is to replace polystyrene (EPS) , polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) in single-use packaging for thermal insulating or shock absorbing applications. We provide design, testing and fabrication services for our customers at our Holt, Michigan facility. We have helped our customers replace undesirable polystyrene foam coolers in the pharmaceutical, specialty food and nutritional supplement industries, preventing over 10 million polystyrene foam coolers from filling landfills across the country.

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