LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Family and friends of Anthony Hulon, the Metro Lansing’s Poor People’s Campaign and other organizations blasted music and held signs in front of the Lansing Police Department demanding justice.

Some of the signs included “Justice 4 Anthony” and “LPD murdered Anthony Hulon. We will not be silent.”

“It’s really hard reliving the story over and over, but we have to because we have to fight for him because he’s not here anymore to fight for himself,” said his sister Heather Hulon.
Anthony was a 54-year-old man that died in Lansing police custody last April. He was held down by three police officers. A medical examiner ruled his death a homicide.

Nearly two dozen supporters are asking the Lansing Police Department to hold Officer Edgar Guerra, Trevor Allman, Charles Wright, and Gary Worden accountable with consequences.
“We need the police in general to have more accountability to our communities. These are the demands of the poor people’s campaign and they wrap into this issue. Anthony Hulon did not deserve to die,” Tobias Webb, Quad Chair of Metro Lansing Poor People’s campaign said to the crowd.

Hulon’s sisters became emotional as she spoke about her brother. She mentioned the lack of information police gave them. She said she had to wait nearly a month to get details on what happened.

“There’s just been no respect, we haven’t gotten any respect from the city. Nobody contacted us, they didn’t even notify my parents that he has passed. We had to be notified by a third party,” said Heather.

Over 10 cars lined up across from the Police department and drove around the block with signs on the back of their car to spread the message.

Heather says she does not want her brother to be remembered just from the video. She also wants officers to be held accountable like any other citizen.

“I want everyone to remember him as the fun-loving guy that he is,” she said. “If you’re a citizen, if that happened on the street, you would have gone to jail. And that’s what I want. You need to be held responsible for what you did.”

Jennifer Damico of Buckfire Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf the family in October. According court documents the case is in mediation. We reached out to the City of Lansing’s attorney but we did not receive a response.