LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– In less than two weeks, Lansing residents will hit the polls and vote to narrow the race for the city’s next mayor.

So as your local election headquarters, 6 News is here for you, profiling each of the candidates will appear on the ballot. One of those candidates is current Mayor Andy Schor.

When speaking with 6 News about his time serving, he said it was a privilege.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be which is why it’s such an honor to be the mayor of this city of 118,000 because I love this city so much I get to actually help to grow this city,” said Schor. “We’ve been able to do a lot of work to strengthen our neighborhoods with funding and roads and parks and sidewalks. We’re working with our school district to make sure that we can assist our kids two of which are mine. We’re doing so much work in terms of city infrastructure and service. It’s been incredible.”

When it comes to running for reelection, the mayor says his track record speaks for itself, and he’s got the experience needed to keep growing the city.

6 News also spoke with Schor about pending lawsuits, by employees of the city, who claim they were treated differently, because of their race. Schor says racism will not be tolerated under his watch, and he’s working to promote diversity.

“We don’t stand for racism,” said Schor. “We’ve had to fire employees because of it, we will certainly reason and hear what people have to say, and we will continue to make sure our policies and our actions are equitable.”

Like many cities, 2020 was a challenging year for Lansing, including the pandemic, racial justice protests, and economic uncertainty. Mayor Schor says he’s ready to take on another four years, focusing on strengthening Lansing.