Lansing Township needs your help finding suspects in multiple vehicle larcenies


LANSING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Township Police Department is asking for your help in finding any information related to possible attempted larcenies from vehicles in the Township and City portions of the Groesbeck Neighborhood.

The incidents occurred Monday morning around 1 AM.

The photos featured above are possible suspects from last night’s larceny from vehicles. If you recognize the person or vehicle, feel free to message the Lansing Township Police Department and let them know.

The majority of the time, these are crimes of opportunity, and victims of these crimes usually report that their vehicles were left unlocked and in a generally accessible area (the street or driveway towards the front of the house).

Tips to protect yourself from larceny

A simple way to safeguard yourself from these crimes of opportunity is to eliminate that opportunity.

Simply locking your vehicles, parking in a garage (if available), keeping valuables either out of sight or out of the vehicle completely, are all great ways to eliminate that opportunity.

Also, be sure spare keys or keys themselves are never left in vehicles.

Doing this provides criminals the opportunity to steal vehicles.

It is important to notify local law enforcement if you were a victim of these types of crimes even if you don’t want a report done, just to ensure we are aware it is going on and take appropriate preventative actions.

If you live in the Township portion, the Police Department can be reached at (517)485-1700, and the City of Lansing Police can be reached at (517)483-4600 if you reside in that area.

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