LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing Police Department has partnered up with the Office of Highway Safety Planning in an effort to keep bicyclist safe on the roads.

According to the Department of Transportation, last year 29 people were killed while riding on a bike.

The department is urging people to be kind to all drivers on the road and to just use common sense when around people on bikes.

The week long initiative will be cracking down on anyone that violates the law with fines.

One police officer says keeping everyone safe on bikes is as simple as respecting your fellow drivers.

“Motor vehicles should look at bicyclist when they’re on the roadway as a motor vehicle,” said Sgt. Randall Hon with the Traffic Special Events Unit. “They have every right to the road as you do, so you should be considerate when passing, giving at least three feet to the bicyclist and passing in a safe manor.”

LPD is not only going after cars but bicyclists that are violating the law, like not having lights or reflective clothing in the dark.