Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Other places I’ve lived: East Lansing, DeWitt, Sydney, Australia and Youngstown, Ohio

I graduated from: Michigan State University 

I’ve been doing what I do for: 17 years

Most interesting assignment: Traveling with and interviewing Vice President Mike Pence on his tour bus and arresting sex offenders with the Michigan State Police Fugitive Team 

I have a knack for: news and proofreading 

I’m passionate about: My kids and being accurate 

I can’t stop talking about: current events 

When I’m not reporting/anchoring, I’m: being a mom to my 4 kids 

Other places you may have seen me: The House of Promise “Beauty for Ashes Gala”; The annual fundraising breakfast for St. Vincent Catholic Charities; Silver Bells in the City

Favorite place in mid-Michigan: My house 

What I love most about mid-Michigan: The community. There are wonderful people all around 

Fun fact: I have a built-in compass in my head. I always know which direction I’m facing 

Anything else you want viewers to know: I truly care about the facts and getting both sides to every story. I love our “Here for You” brand because being here for the community is what local news is really all about. 

Where to connect with me: Facebook:WLNS Lauren Thompson; Twitter: @lthompsonWLNS