Legal Edge: Changes to MI’s no-fault auto insurance garners mixed reactions

Legal Edge

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – This week on Legal Edge, 6 News spoke to local attorney Bryan Waldman about the recent changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance and how the changes have garnered mixed-to-negative reactions.

One reason people are upset is that the changes made to the insurance law are being applied retroactively.

“The retroactivity is a real big issue to a lot of people. And I think legitimately, so they bought a policy say five years ago, 10 years ago, maybe 20 years ago, and their policy said they were going to receive lifetime medical coverage. And that’s what the law was at the time,” said Waldman.

“It said that there were not going to be fee schedules. And it said that care can be provided by friends, family members. Without limitations. Other than that, everything just had to be reasonable. And then retroactively through an act of the legislature, they said, we’re going to nullify that contract… And we’re going to place significant restrictions on your ability to receive the care that you need”

“[Insurance has] just been gutted by this law and or the changes in the law. The law was actually a wonderful thing when it was initially implemented and to the defense of those who looked for reforms, there is no doubt there were abuses within the system, but the way to fix things in my judgment is not to punish the people with legitimate claims it’s to punish the people who are taking advantage of this system,” said Waldman.

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