Legal Edge: How the Ahmaud Aubrey case is affecting citizen’s arrest laws

Legal Edge

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the trial over Ahmaud Aubrey’s death continues in Georgia, many other states are examining their own laws surrounding citizen’s arrests.

Georgia has been one of the first states to change its laws surrounding citizen’s arrests.

Around 40 states allow for citizen’s arrests, however, the laws are considered outdated by those who wish to reform or repeal citizen’s arrest laws.

Essentially, citizen’s arrest laws allow for regular citizens to detain someone if they have reasonable suspicion for a crime.

These laws are most often used by merchants or security companies when they suspect someone has been stealing from their store.

However, after a citizen’s arrest attempt led to the death of Ahmaud Aubrey, many states, including Michigan, are reexamining their existing citizen’s arrest laws.

Supporters of reform say that if even trained police officers have trouble identifying reasonable suspicion and following arrest procedures, how can average citizens be expected to arrest suspected criminals?

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