Legal Edge: Is Travis Scott culpable for what happened at Astroworld?

Legal Edge

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The FBI is now helping in the criminal investigation into the concert tragedy in Houston. At least 8-people were crushed to death by the crowd at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

Several lawsuits have been filed against rapper Travis Scott and promoter Live Nation.

In this week’s Legal Edge, ABC Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams breaks down who could be held responsible.

Travis Scott was arrested twice before for disorderly conduct, encouraging fans at concerts to cross the barriers, come up on stage, move forward, et cetera in Chicago in 2015, and later in Arkansas in 2017.

Weeks later in new york, a fan was injured becoming partially paralyzed at a concert. At a 2019 event, three people were injured, and then at this event this year, there are videos out there of people breaking down the security barriers earlier in the day.

In order to cross the line though into criminal conduct, there must be a level of recklessness on Scott’s part at the concert itself, the planning of it, or in something he says.

There are comments that he makes at the concert about raging on or wanting to see people raging. The thing is, just saying rage isn’t a crime.

You’re allowed to encourage the fans to get excited, but there are a number of instances where you see in the videos there’s an ambulance, for example.

There are social media videos of every moment of that show, every single second will have been documented, so we’ll know exactly what he said and when he said it.

According to Abrams, the case will be big, as in hundreds of millions of dollars, a lot of that will be covered by insurance, but you’re talking about a lot of different possible defendants, including Travis Scott, Drake, and others.

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