DELPHI, Ind. (WLNS) – There are new developments in the Delphi murders case that involves two Indiana teens that were killed while hiking in 2017.

Police are reportedly questioning an accused pedophile who they say ran a fake social media account that made contact with one of the girls prior to their deaths.

Legal analyst Dan Abrams has the latest takes on why the man has not been named a suspect yet.

“I think they want to be careful about who they name as a suspect. You don’t name a suspect unless you’re ready to make an arrest,” Abrams said.

Abrams says that it is clear that authorities think the phony social media account is somehow linked to the deaths of the teen girls.

“I think it’s clear they’re not ready to make an arrest. It is also clear that they feel very strongly that this phony account is linked to their deaths. And the question now is going to be, how many people had access to that account?”

For Abram’s full analysis, check out the video above.