LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A new law in Missouri that legalized corporal punishment against children in schools.

While it may come as a shock that hitting children is a legal punishment in Missouri schools, 19 states currently have legal corporal punishment.

“You know, most lawyers, most people would understand that’s an assault, something that we don’t wanna be legal, but somehow it is allowed in schools,” said local attorney Bryan Waldman.

Corporal punishment is not allowed in public schools here in Michigan.

States ultimately have the say in if corporal punishment has a place in schools, following a 14-year-old’s challenging of the law back in 1977.

“A Florida public school student didn’t get off a stage quick enough after a play or some type of school event, he was held down by the assistant principal and paddled by the principal to the point he needed medical attention,” said Waldman. “And so he sued and the US Supreme court in a very split decision, a five, four decision, said, it’s not a constitutional violation to have corporal punishment in public schools.”

To see Waldman’s full analysis, check out the video player above.