LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With walkers, runners, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles out heavily on the Michigan roads in the summer, motorists need to keep an eye out.

Michigan has a safe passing law in place, where motorists have to give people on bicycles at least three feet between the vehicle, the outer edge of the mirror of the motor vehicle to the handlebar or outer edge of the bicycle when they pass.

With the safe passing law, you’re allowed to cross the center lane, even if it would otherwise be illegal to do so, as long as you do it in a safe fashion.

It’s recommended to slow down, wait and make sure there’s not traffic coming in the other direction and then pass it and give that bicycle plenty of room.

Even though it’s three feet across the state, there are some municipalities or cities, for example, Grand Rapids, that require a greater distance up to five feet to pass.

But some municipalities require greater distances between bikes and motorists.

Wanna know more about localities’ specific requirements for localities? Watch the video in the player above.