LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A Michigan law concerning service animals is undergoing some changes in 2023.

According to Sinas-Dramis attorney Bryan Waldman, the law is being expanded to allow those who train service animals to bring them into public spaces.

“The law was expanded because it essentially recognized, or the legislature recognized that to train service animals, you have to take ’em into the real world,” said Waldman.

Previously, the law primarily protected those who have registered service animals and bring them into public spaces.

But what exactly is a service dog?

“A service animal is different than an emotional support companion or therapy animal,” continued Waldman. “A service animal is a dog or a miniature horse that’s trained to do a specific task to help someone with a recognized disability.”

Business owners will be able to ask the owner or trainer of the service dog to leave if the animal is not housebroken, the animal is out of control and the owner/trainer is not taking steps to control the animal.