LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There’s been a lot of buzz around Michigan’s Proposal 3 this midterm season, but not so much for Proposal 2.

Many Michiganders are unfamiliar with Prop 2 and what it hopes to accomplish.

If you’re confused, here’s what Prop 2 will do if it passes into law.

Prop 2 would give people a constitutional right to vote freely, without harassment from other people.

Here are some other things Prop 2 would put in place if passed:

  • It would require ballots to be counted from the military and others overseas, as long as they are postmarked by election day.
  • It also allows people voting to verify their identity with a photo ID or by signing a statement of affidavit.
  • It also would allow people to request an absentee ballot one time and then receive an absentee ballot for all elections if they chose
  • Allow for state-funded postage for absentee ballots
  • Add state-funded drop boxes in a number of municipalities and townships
  • Allow for nine days of early voting including 2 weekends where people could go and vote in person.
  • When certifying elections, it would require the state canvassing board to do so based on official records of the votes cast.

Local attorney Bryan Waldman breaks it down in the video player above.