HASLETT, Mich (WLNS) – This year’s Haslett girls soccer team has had a magical season, winning a Division 2 Regional Championship for the first time in school history. Now the Vikings will face Bloomfield Hills Marian on Wednesday night at Tom Holzer Field at 7:30 p.m. Going up against the four-time defending Division 2 State Champions is daunting to some but the Vikings enjoy being doubted.

“Being the underdog necessarily isn’t the worst thing you know I think a lot of people might have counted us out on some of our games but we’re always ready to put our full hearts into every play so that’s what we got going for us,” said senior midfielder Audrey Archambeault.

“Just because a Team has won doesn’t mean that they can’t lose like this is their year to lose I’m not gonna lie like I think I have a lot of faith in our team and I think if we come out here and we play just like we did in the second half of our regional final game if we play like that I totally think we have a shot at making it to the state final,” said senior forward Kaema Amachree.

When it comes to getting ready for a big game athletes often use superstitions to make them feel more comfortable before the match, one of the superstitions that the Vikings have involves hair and attaching it to a fence.

“Do a hairball thing, we would get a brush with like some of our teammates’ hair and put it on some pre-wrap and tie it to the fence of like the field where we’re playing whether it’s our field or an opponents field and like it would be like our good luck charm for the game,” said Archambeault.

“It just handing there for when we play so I mean I’m sure…I’m sure if the fans see it they’d be like what the heck is that but it’s funny and it’s a good joke our team has together,” said Amachree.