LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Miracle League of Mid-Michigan has a mission statement that explains everything you need to know about what happens at its games:  “…provides children and young
adults with special needs the opportunity to enjoy playing the game of baseball in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment, regardless of their abilities.”

With six teams and 63 players this season, dozens of households get to see their passionate athlete compete in a team sport for the first time. When speaking with the director of the Miracle League, Vicki Caine, she expressed how much each game means to her.

“You can have a horrible day but…I’m gonna start to cry…but you come out here and you see these kids and their families and you watch them play and every single one of them has a smile on their face,” said Caine. “We have one athlete who cries at the end of every game because he doesn’t want it to end, we have athletes who have become best friends as a result of being on a team. There’s never a day that I come here that I don’t have a smile on my face because just watching what happens at the field and watching the kids and the families, it just makes my heart happy.”

Every Monday and Wednesday night until July 14th the Miracle League will be holding game at the CASE Cares Miracle Field.