ST. JOHNS, Mich. (WLNS) – For quite some time, Mid-Michigan has been home to a high school water polo team called HOTEL – a team made up of student-athletes from East Lansing, DeWitt, and Holt.

This season, due to COVID-19 and an unfilled coaching position at Okemos, HOTEL added four student-athletes from Okemos to the team.

In doing so, HOTEL added one of the best water polo players in the state. Chloe Krumm.

“Her water polo knowledge has definitely helped her become the highest scorer on our team, if not in the area,” HOTEL girls’ water polo coach, Madelyn Zink said.

“This year I got to play with girls that I’ve played with on club,” Krumm said. “It’s been awesome to see how other girls play and to hang out in the pool.”

HOTEL has a current record of 11-5, all five losses came against Top-5 teams in the state, and is ranked sixth in the state. This past weekend, Krumm scored 15 goals in three games, including five goals against No. 8 Skyline on Senior Night.

“When the ref goes ‘twee it’s so satisfying to win a game, and be in it because it’s an intense sport, like full-contact everything,” Krumm said.

“Without Chole, our offense would probably be nothing,” Zink said. “She has over 50% of the goals scored and she has really brought an energy to this team, during a pandemic, that was absolutely necessary.”

Water polo is a sport that requires serious upper and lower body strength. That’s exactly what Krumm has, and it’s why she’s had success this season against the best teams in the state.

“We’ve had players in the past that have had the scoring numbers she has, but not against the competition Chole has had,” Zink said.

HOTEL made the switch to District 2 this season, which features teams from the west part of the state. Of the Top-10 teams in the state, eight are from District 2.

Water polo isn’t the only sport Krumm plays. During the fall, she is a part of the Okemos volleyball team, which has shown her how to be a true athlete and leader.

“Volleyball has kept me in shape. It’s got my muscules doing different activities, so I’m not in the same motion,” Krumm said. “It gives me what it’s like to be a teammate and a player.”

“We were looking for someone to step up. Having Chole, graciously, gifted to us was definitely nice to have another senior who has played water polo for four years, and who knows what she’s doing in the pool and is also able to take that leadership role outside the pool,” Zink said.