Lori Fountain is co-owner of Randall Automotive, and specializes in the human resources needs and strategic direction of the company.

The Fountains’ ownership of Randall Automotive became a reality in 2013 when they purchased the business from its then owner Steve Wentworth. Having managed the business for several years, it was a long-term goal for Lori and her husband, Craig, to become its owners. As he has for many years, Craig continues to manage the day-to-day operations of the business from the front office of the shop, adding Owner to his Manager title.

As a Human Resources professional, Lori is passionate about people and ensuring not only a safe working environment for the employees of Randall Automotive, but also ensuring the best possible experience for its customers. In addition to managing the human resources aspect of the business, Lori and Craig work together in business strategy and determining the long-term growth and direction of the company.

Lori and Craig, along with their two daughters, enjoy family vacations in their motorhome, camping in various state parks, oceanside campgrounds, and, as avid roller coaster fans, regional amusement parks. As a Michigan State University graduate, Lori enjoys all things MSU, especially MSU football and basketball. Go STATE!

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