Building connections is the key to setting up your business for success. In their weekly segment on Expert Connexions, our marketing experts share their insight into how to craft your message to attract the right clients, with a focus on your website, digital marketing, and video storytelling.

Jesse Flores is the owner of SuperWebPros, a company that builds and maintains websites for small businesses. His career has spanned several industries from education to retail distribution to general management and software. This experience in sales, operations, technology and marketing has fueled his passion for using technology to cut costs and grow sales for organizations of all sizes. Learn more at

Timothy Haines is the founder of Symposia Labs, a full-service, data driven, relationship-focused, marketing agency. Fueled by his hunger for knowledge and passion for education, Tim says the evolving digital landscape keeps him fascinated and eager to be ahead of the curve. As the Symposia team can attest, Tim’s positive energy is infectious.Learn more at

Paul Schmidt is the owner and creative video strategist at UnoDeuce Multimedia, a Lansing, MI based video production and storytelling agency that documents why organizations do what they do and how they make a positive impact on their community. The team at UnoDeuce specializes in creating videos for nonprofits and small businesses, and offers livestreaming and podcasting services. Learn more at

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