LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — “I just saw somebody who just tried to kill eight people walk by my window,” said Tabetha Watson.

Watson had finally gotten her son to bed for the night when she learned about the shooting at MSU. And with the suspect still on the loose, Watson said she feared he would come to her neighborhood less than 10 minutes away from campus.

“Nobody’s outside. It’s real quiet. Everybody sleeping so I figured he’d probably think that’s the perfect place to go,” she said.

And that’s exactly what he did, showing up right outside her home.

Her boyfriend Seth spotted him first, and Watson said she didn’t believe it until she took a look for herself.

“I was like ‘there’s no way he’s out there’ and he was like ‘yes he is,'” Watson said.

“He was just walking right in front of our house. I saw him his head was down he had the ball cap hat on. It was so scary it felt like a dream,” said Watson.

She picked up the phone and called the police.

“I saw the cop cars driving by with no sirens on but then all the sirens started going off. It was like they found him but then I heard the gunshot and then all the sirens stopped.”

Looking back, Watson said she took a big risk staring out of her window that night, but that she’d do it all over again if it meant saving lives.

And while she is happy this is over, Watson said she can’t stop thinking about it.

“I’m constantly looking out the window now and I just worry for everyone’s safety,” she said.

Watson said she is no hero, just someone who cares.

“I hope that that call maybe gave some people a little peace of mind that he’s not out there anymore.”

Watson says she knew what the man looked like from the picture that she saw on the news

We hear all the time, ‘if you see something, say something’ and that’s what Watson did.

Many throughout the state say they are grateful for her courage.