At Chicago’s Peterson Elementary School, parents are getting educated on kids’ cell phone safety.

Devorah Heitner wrote the guide “Screenwise,” and is leading the workshop at Peterson.

“We should ask their permission before posting a picture,” said Heitner.

Craighton Berman just gave his 12-year-old a phone, and Lynda Gibson’s 13-year-old has one too.

Gibson’s main concern is children’s ability to distinguish between “what’s real and what’s reliable.”

So, what should parents know to try to keep their children safe?

“Anyone who is trying to exploit your child sexually, emotionally, financially, they will use threats to isolate them and scare them,” said Heitner. “If your child knows they have a safe person in you and that you will fight for them and be on their side.”

Heitner also suggests:

  • Removing phones at bedtime
  • Using parental controls to limit screentime and apps
  • Researching apps your kids want on sites like ‘commonsense media’
  • Not allowing headphones during games where your child can chat
  • Modeling good behavior

“Ultimately, I believe that mentoring is more powerful than monitoring,” said Heitner. “We want to teach them how to do the right thing.”

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