LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A lot of first-time moms often find themselves asking: “Is this normal?”

With my first child, I asked that question a lot. Here are some tips will probably be helpful for some of the new mommies out there.

Here are six scary baby symptoms that are perfectly normal, according to an emergency room pediatrician writing for

Number one: Twitching during sleep

I noticed this a lot with my son, but doctors say this symptom is often harmless and is the result of the baby’s still-growing nervous system. Their movements are even more uncoordinated during sleep than when they’re awake.

Number two: Stuffy nose, abnormal breathing

Stuffy noses are common in babies and sometimes hormones are to blame. The hormone estrogen stimulates the nasal passages it’s passed to the baby in utero and during breastfeeding.

According to the experts, this condition usually starts to improve within two months, and by six months — that stuffiness is hardly noticeable.

Number three: Chest lumps

This is also caused by estrogen. Sometimes, the milk-producing hormone prolactin temporarily increases and can cause breast growth. My third baby had this and it’s common. At least half of newborns experience this, often with just one side. Some will even produce milk.

The enlargement usually goes away within the first month, but it can last for three months or longer.

Number four: Orange-hued skin

This is a very common phenomenon called carotenemia. Doctors say it’s caused by eating a lot of vegetables that are rich in beta-carotene, like sweet potatoes and carrots.

And many first foods that are not orange are still high in beta-carotene. The first place you’ll see the orange color is where babies have the most sweat glands: the nose, the palms, and the soles of the feet.

Number five: Bloody spit-up

Moms don’t usually have to worry about this, as long as the baby is otherwise acting normally. It’s either from trace blood swallowed during breastfeeding, or because of a small tear in the esophagus, which doctors say can happen from forcefully spitting up. Neither condition is anything to worry about.

Number six: Mild erratic breathing

Your baby’s intermittent breathing can be a bit scary! But pediatricians say periodic breathing is common in newborns. Researchers believe it has to do with the newborn’s chemical sensors not being developed enough to detect carbon dioxide.

That means babies sometimes just don’t know they need to breathe and can “pause” until carbon dioxide levels become high enough–to trigger these sensors.

Now, even with all that in mind, if you have any concerns at all, about your baby or their health, you should always contact their pediatrician.