Some Gen-Z kids approve of their parents using apps to keep tabs on them because it makes them feel safer. Reporter Erielle Reshef has more details.

The weight of the world is heavy for today’s kids. And some in Gen-Z are now turning to an unexpected tool to relieve some of that stress, location trackers.

“When you’re seeing constant news coverage of all these things happening, it’s kind of hard not to be anxious constantly,” said 16-year-old Emery Littig.

Some are using features like Apple’s FindMyiPhone and SnapChat’s SnapMap.

“Children wanting to share their location with their parents is also another means of connection and them feeling protected,” said Emery Littig’s mother, Shelby Littig.

Emery Littig says it’s given them more peace of mind that their parents know where they are.

“I just think it’s very important to communicate with my parents and I think it just makes me feel safer overall, knowing where my family is at all times and parents know where I am,” she said.

And for Shelby Littig, having a way to keep an eye on her kids is reassuring.

“It’s great to see where all of my kids are all of the time, especially if I’m not able to be in the same location as them,” she said.