LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The hashtag “No sleepovers” has been trending on social media, with millions of parents posting TikTok videos about it.

It’s a childhood rite of passage, but for some moms and dads sleepovers have become a source of anxiety.

Parenting experts say couples are asking themselves “are sleepovers safe?”

These days parents are concerned about COVID and other viruses, guns in the home and even a lot of screen time.

Will there be bullying? Who else will be at the house? Will there be cultural differences?

All of these things can bring on stress and anxiety for parents who might be nervous about sending their children to someone else’s home for the night.

But parenting experts say kids can get a lot out of going to a friend’s home for a sleepover.

They’re good opportunities for kids to practice being resilient and independent when they’re away.

It helps them make decisions on their own, and experts say that’s a critical building block experience for things they’ll do later in life.

When it comes to sleeping over some parents might not agree.

One might support the idea the other might feel strongly against it.

In that case, it’s important to listen to your partner or co-parent and understand where those fears are coming from. It could be rooted in a bad childhood experience.

It’s important to communicate any rules you might have with the host family, as well.