NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WLNS) – More mothers who are in need of extra postpartum care could soon be covered under a Tennesee healthcare law called TennCare if lawmakers seal the deal.

Haley Farr and three-month-old Lea Grace were seen through their TennCare benefit.

As a barber, Farr didn’t have insurance coverage.

“Being a single mom with a baby, health insurance I feel like would have been almost impossible for me to pay out of pocket for,” said Farr.

Tennesee Governor Bill Lee wants to expand postpartum benefits to more moms like Haley.

Vanderbilt Dr. Jessica L. Young says the proposal would also expand care to include a lactation consultant for breastfeeding.

“We know that we have a problem with maternal mortality and morbidity in our state, and so being able for people who need it most to keep their insurance for a year after delivery is really important. We see that whether it’s a cardiac issue, a substance abuse issue, a mental health issue,” said Dr. Young.

It would also provide diapers to TennCare parents.

TennCare’s Chief Medical officer Victor Wu says a couple of years ago they began the postpartum pilot program.

“If a mom doesn’t have her own health under control, it will be really hard for her to take care of a child,” said Wu.

Wu says the new proposal would change the income limit which opens the door to more parents.

It will be up to state lawmakers to vote on it.