LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For some kids, summer is over. Well, not exactly but they are back in school.

Webberville held its first day of classes today. They are the first district in mid-Michigan to start. A few others begin this week, including Holt and Dansville.

But most are back next week, or even later. And for parents, back-to-school shopping is still in full swing. 

This year, many families will be spending more than ever to get their kids ready for the school year. Experts say a record $41.5 billion will be spent on school supplies this year in u-s.

That breaks down to about $890 per household, according to the National Retail Federation.

Electronics are the most expensive items. Back in 2020, shoes and clothing were the top sellers.

College students are expected to spend even more — $94 billion nationwide and more than $13,000 a household.

“If you’re really looking to save money, the best strategy is to spread out your shopping over time and over different retailers,” said Samantha Gordon, a journalist with Consumer Reports. “You can ask teachers which items are going to be needed right away, and what might be what you might be able to hold off on until a later months.”