LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)— Some parents searching for baby formula say they are finding empty shelves. It’s happening across the country, and it’s been going on for weeks.

Irene and Mario Anhoeck are the parents of a 10-month-old boy, Marlo, they rely on Similac baby-formula. Irene can’t breastfeed and has relied on formula ever since their son was born. However, they have noticed a trend of the formula being in short supply.

“We’ve noticed it being difficult to find maybe a couple months ago, two, three months ago and then just recently we can’t find it,” said Irene Anhoeck. “We’ve tried all the local targets, we checked Costco, Costco online, Walgreens, can’t find it anywhere.”

Anhoeck said her husband drove an hour away and they still had no luck. The couple even tried switching to the powdered version of the formula. The Anhoeck’s said their son kept spitting up, or wouldn’t finish his food.

“It’s just worrisome a little bit for us because we want to just make sure he’s getting all the calories he needs and all the nutrition he needs from the formula because he’s not a year yet,” Anhoeck said.

“Infant formula, it’s a very peculiar category. So if there is a shortage, you notice it,” said Krishnakumar Davey. “Some of the shortages are related to procuring the raw materials, some of it in production, some packaging.

Labor shortages are also to blame for the baby-formula shortage. Another mother in Orlando, Florida also grapples with the same problem.

“No matter where we looked, it was sold out,” said Tiffany Manon, a mom to a 10-week-old boy.

Manon says her son was born six week premature and her doctors have instructed her to feed him a liquid Enfamil product so he would gain weight. The company sent her free cases of the product, but she’s worried with what will happen if supplies run low.

Enfamil’s maker, Reckitt says ‘they have an ample supply’ of their baby formula products. However, U.S. baby formula industry wide sales are up 18%, which is more than double of birth rates.

Enfamil does expect to ramp up production, and they are currently shipping 50 % more of the product to address issues as fast as possible.