LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– If there’s one thing moms here at WLNS-TV can agree on, is that they not only enjoy jewelry, but they’ve got a fair share of it laying around at home.

Another agreement, day to day mom activities can be pretty hard on that jewelry.

Olivia Starling is the founder of Starlette Galleria, and she says when it comes to the summer months, there are something moms should know when it comes to the most coveted piece of jewelry, the diamond.

“Something that people don’t know is you can make your diamonds cloudy over time just from sunscreen and UV rays and other chemicals we expose ourselves to every single day,” said Starling. “I recommend you leave you nice jewelry at home and pull it out for nice occasions.”

Starling also suggests, for those who don’t feel like need super expensive pieces of jewelry, to go for some cheaper more durable options out there, that still have a nice look to them.