Mondays for Moms: Dads and postpartum depression

Mondays for Moms

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Every Monday on 6 News at 5:30, we focus on moms, and this week we’re talking about a serious topic, that also includes new dads.

What many fail to realize, is that why mom can suffer from postpartum depression, so too can dad.

According to a study by Northwestern University researchers, when high stressors like the premature birth of a child were present, 33% of moms and 17% of dads showed signs of depression. The difference, was that once the babies were home from the NICU, moms got better, while dads generally remained depressed.

“It’s possible that dad’s depressive symptoms persisted because we really don’t talk about it much,” said Dr. Craig Garfield. “Or even acknowledge the fact that they also might be experiencing some trauma and anxiety and depression in this big shift to suddenly having a premature baby.”

According to Garfield, he feels dads should be regularly screened for signs like lack of sleep, or increased anger. They also shouldn’t be afraid to talk to their partner or a professional.

“There’s a significant number of fathers out there who do need help. And when you help that father, you actually end up helping that baby and that mother as well.”

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