MONDAYS FOR MOMS: How to create a summer of learning

Mondays for Moms

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Summer. The sun is shining, schools out, and for kids, it means more freedom than they would have during the school year.

As we know the last school year wasn’t an average one, and many kids spent their time in the classroom, sitting at the kitchen table learning virtually.

So for some parents, this summer could be an opportunity to get their kids away from the screen, and while providing educational activities.

So what are some examples mom’s can use if they’re trying to do just that this summer?

Enter Dr. Mary Mason, a mother of three, a medical doctor, and the founder of “Little Medical School” which uses role-playing to help engage children with a focus on looking for everyday activities and making them a learning experience.

Some examples of this could include, teaching a child fractions by using measuring cups and allowing them to do the measuring while you’re making pancakes in the morning or cookies.

Things to remember:

  • Rewards for acomplishing milestones
  • Use positive renforcement
  • make the activities fun

“Learning doesn’t always have to be in a textbook,” said Mason. “There are so many opportunities just in everyday life and especially in the summer, where you can actually teach kids things and really use it as a teachable moment and make it fun, yet, its a really great learning opportunity”

The “Little Medical School” has activity kits that you can purchase. They encourage children to role play, while also learning science, different professions, and valuable real-world skills.

These kits include:

  • Wilderness Survial
  • Injury Treatment
  • 10 Important things to do with a Bandana
  • Treating Animals
  • Sports Medicine

“In this technical age, we’ve also lost some of those wilderness survival skills and opportunities for kids to learn that. So that’s when we need to step in and really show how to take care of those emergencies, but also how do you be healthy in everyday life.”

“Little Medical School” kits are all STEM authenticated education products and cost $29.99.

Get more information about the kits by clicking here.

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