Mondays for Moms: How to prepare your family for an emergency

Mondays for Moms

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There’s a new book helping parents prepare their kids for worst case scenarios.

It’s called “A Kid’s Book About Safety” by a mom of three and certified emergency manager.

In this weeks Monday’s for Moms we’ll take a look at how families can be ready for any situation, especially during the holidays.

Author Soraya Sutherlin is on a mission. She wants kids to know surviving major emergencies can often come down to one thing: being prepared

She is a mom of three and certified emergency manager with over a decade in experience

Her book breaks down safety basics for kids, like what it means to be prepared, a list of possible emergencies, and the tools and plans that can help.

All of this is especially important during the holiday season.

“Large congregate settings where you’ve got a lot of family in town and are within homes specifically, you always have increased risks for types of emergencies,” Sutherlin said.

The number 1 emergency? House fires.

“The most common disaster emergency in America are house fires. On average, you have about two minutes to get out of a house fire. What we don’t realize is we underestimate our ability to see, right there’s it’s smoky, it’s really difficult to see. So knowing how you’re going to get out always identifying two ways in and out of every room,” Sutherlin said.

Sutherlin says you should be prepared for every kind of disaster that can hit your region.

“Disasters are increasing with intensity and with frequency, there’s no there’s no question about that. What we’re seeing though, is that human suffering can be mitigated through a lot of preparedness efforts,” she said.

Sutherlin also works with Judy, an emergency preparedness organization that creates these prepacked emergency kits curated by experts, another part of being prepared that is critical.

But sutherlin says the most important part of being prepared

is having those hard conversations, making an emergency plan, getting supplies, practicing your plan. Those are all crucial steps that will determine how well you survive after an emergency.

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