LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – You’ve probably noticed food prices are creeping up at the grocery stores and restaurants.

The Consumer Price Index estimates that food prices have increased by nearly 8% ever since last year.

Nancy Yen is the founder of “Omiego” a company that offers unique food storage options.

She suggests if you would like to save money and shop in your local area and dive into farmer’s markets.

“At farmer’s markets, organic produce is often way cheaper than what you can get in conventional grocery stores. Particularly when your farmer has had a bump in crops,” said Yen. “Our local strawberry farmer often sells strawberries by the flat for under 15 dollars and that is such a great deal. “

When planning meals, many families decide what they will use first and plan around it.

Yen suggests trying the vegetarian lifestyle a few times a week. She says the cost of poultry and meat has increased. If that won’t work, take a break from buying chicken breasts and steaks.

“Buy chicken cuts of meat like chick thighs, chicken drum sticks, or even just any type of ground meat, ground beef turkey chicken, it’s going to be way less. It’s going to cost anywhere between 3 to 6 dollars a pound,” Yen said.

She suggests meal-prepping throughout the week to save cash. That way you can all avoid ordering food on your lunch break

“As a mom, it’s more important for me than ever to pack a lunch for my family. Because eating out can set you back 15 to 20 dollars and that’s just way out of our budget,” Yen said.