LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) -Talking to your kids about war isn’t easy.

The images are hard to see and hard to explain and news can cause feelings such as fear, sadness, anger and anxiety.

Children always look to their parents for a sense of safety and security – even more so in times of crisis. Here are some key things to keep in mind when talking to your child.

First. Limit their exposure. If you are watching the news coverage 24/7 odds are they are seeing too much. Always be aware of any talk or images they are exposed to.

Find out what they know and how they feel. Choose a time and place when you can bring it up naturally and your child is more likely to feel comfortable talking freely, such as during a family meal.

Avoid talking about the topic just before bedtime.

However, don’t avoid the conversation altogether. It’s important to create an open environment so you can have those healthy conversations with your kids. Instead of sheltering small kids, engage them.

Monitor social media and information. You never want your kids to be flooded with information, especially disinformation.

Find the good and find the helpers. There are plenty of stories of survival and humanity to focus on.

Continue to check in. How are they feeling? Do they have any new questions or things they would like to talk about?

Finally, take care of yourself. You’ll be able to help your kids better if you’re coping, too. Children will pick up on your own response to the news, so it helps them to know that you are calm and in control.