There are definite benefits and drawbacks to social media.

6 News’ very-own Chivon Kloepfer said one of the good things about getting an inside look at the lives of parents is that she feels less alone.

One mother shared a cleaning hack via a TikTok that has gone viral.

Creator Gabrielle Dunn puts her little ones in a cardboard box with some crayons, giving them free rein to color the box. It keeps the children contained and happy.

Another video that has gotten a large amount of traction may come in handy for the fathers out there.

Michael Vaughn shared a step-by-step list of what chores he tackles around the house, before going out of town to make sure his wife feels supported.

In the video, Vaughn said he vacuumed the house, as well as washed and folded all the laundry.

Before he left, he also made sure that all of the dishes were done and even pre-packaged parts of his child’s lunch for school for the week.

Vaughn also put together five outfits for his toddler to make his wife’s morning school routine easier.

“I looked at the weather report to base out these outfits. Like Wednesday is a light shirt and pants because it’s going to be warm and it’s not going to rain so they’ll be out in the playground,” Vaughn said. “Friday it will be cold so a heavier pants, long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt.”

The father also booked a hotel room for his wife, so that when he gets back into town, she can have some time for herself.