LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Easter is less than a week away, and parents looking for some last-minute gift ideas to boost their kids’ Easter baskets can find some great ideas here, all under $20 on Amazon.

While it’s early spring, we’re still in mid-Michigan, a floating soccer ball could be really fun indoors on gloomy, cold days.

You can choose from a light blue or a traditional black-and-white design. You can find this hover soccer ball for around $15 to $16.

This next one can be fun indoors or outdoors and can keep your expensive smartphone away from smaller kids. It is a fun digital camera that can shoot video, as well.

It comes with a 32 GB sd card and comes in two different styles and it’s preloaded with five different kid-friendly games. It’s $19.99 with a 20% off coupon.

Our next idea is an electric bubble machine! It only costs $14.99. Kids go nuts for bubbles.

Next is a make-your-own bird feeder and wind chime kit for $20.
It comes with everything you need to make and decorate two of them.

You should also check out bug-catching kits and virtual pets. Kids enjoy taking care of little critters, and these gifts won’t break the bank.

Easter spending is expected to reach $24 billion this year.

More than 80% of Americans say they’ll celebrate the holiday spending an average of $192.

You can see more on our gift recommendations in the video player above.