LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Most moms know all too well what it’s like trying to function on little to no sleep.

But for children, skipping out on sleep can be harmful to their health.

Research shows that parents should be monitoring their child’s sleep at every age.

Experts at the Pediatric Sleep Center at University Hospitals in Ohio reported that for the first 12 months, children need between 12 and 18 hours of sleep per day.

Pre-schoolers need between 10-12 hours per night, school-aged children need at least 9 hours and teens should get 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

Experts said that sleep helps children form memories, control their emotions, and learn.

On a physical level, getting rest helps the body grow, build muscles and repair cells and tissue.

6 News has six tips for ensuring that your kids are getting good shuteye:

  1. Be consistent. Try and keep the same sleeping and waking schedule throughout the whole week. Yes, that includes weekends.
  2. No electronics an hour before bedtime.
  3. Consider the sleep space. Help create a good sleep environment for your kids.
  4. Pay attention to what the kids eat and drink. Kids should not go to bed hungry or full, and teens should limit late afternoon caffeine.
  5. Have some weekend wake-up ideas. Plan some fun, morning activities to get your child out of bed on schedule.
  6. Help alleviate your child’s worries or concerns before bedtime. A quick listening session and follow-up conversation will do the trick, especially with teens.

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