LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Mom and swim instructor Nikki Scarnati recently posted on TikTok, stressing that parents shouldn’t buy a blue swimsuit for their kids.

The 32-year-old specializes in teaching children how to swim, from six month old infants to six year old kiddos.

According to Scarnati, blue swimsuits make it difficult to see children in the water.

Unfortunately, blue swimsuits are widely available and very easy to find for the little ones.

So what color swimsuit should your kids wear instead?

In 2021, aquatic safety group Alive Solutions tested 14 different swimsuit colors for both swimming pools and lakes and found bright and contrasting shades were most visible underwater.

The group also found that it’s best to avoid buying blue, white and darker-colored swimsuits, as those are more difficult to see underwater.

Alive Solutions said it doesn’t matter what color your kids are wearing if you aren’t supervising effectively and actively watching your children while they swim.

There are five things the national drowning prevention alliance recommends that parents do to keep kids safe in the water:

  1. Get barriers or fencing installed around pools, or put alarms on doors or windows that open to a pool. This will alert an adult if they are opened.
  2. Maintain close, constant and capable supervision.
  3. Emphasize water competency with the kids. Knowing how to swim is essential to have fun while making a splash.
  4. If you are near natural bodies of water or boating, make sure your kids are wearing life jackets.
  5. Keep a phone near you. In case of an emergency, parents can quickly contact 911. Parents are also encouraged to know CPR.