LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The color of your kid’s swimsuit could mean the difference between life and death in a drowning situation.

6 News came across a test done by Alive Solutions Inc. which looked at what color does better in a dark pool bottom environment, on a white pool bottom and in a lake.

The safest colors in a lake environment are neon yellow, green and orange. They’re all bright and contrasting colors.

All the other colors except for white pretty much disappeared quickly.

The neon yellow, green and orange also performed the best in a dark pool bottom.

The authors say the blue water distorted most of the colors significantly with red, pink and orange tones all looking redder and darker in this environment.

The white suit looked light blue and the further away the fabric, the faster it disappeared. Dark colors or matching colors like teal disappeared quickly.

In a white bottom pool environment, neon pink and neon orange were the most viable.

And the least? White and light blue. They disappeared.

The authors say the darker colors did show up on a light pool bottom, but can often be dismissed for a pile of leaves, dirt, or a shadow, so they suggest staying away from those colors, as well.

The bottom line? When you’re picking out a bathing suit for your child this spring or summer, go for bright, neon colors.

If your child does slip under the water and get away from you, those bright contrasting colors will be much easier to spot.