EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It was another emotional week in East Lansing as several teams returned to game action for the first time since the tragic shooting on Michigan State’s campus.

Tom Izzo told the MSU Coaches Show that he will never forget where he was when he found out there was an active shooter on Michigan State’s campus, a day three students were killed and five others were hospitalized, sending utter shock and sadness across the entire East Lansing community.

The tragedy has affected all Spartans across the globe, and ever since, Tom Izzo has made it his mission to try and unite the community, as well as a campus he loves.

The power of sports is that it does have the ability to bring people together. And when Michigan State upset No. 17 Indiana in its first game back at the Breslin Center, you could feel it in the arena.

Izzo said in the moments after the buzzer hit, he was feeling a lot of things. He said there was some relief, there was some joy, there was some sorrow, and ultimately, he just wanted to take in the moment.

The Hall of Fame coach said he was also thinking of his players in that moment, because it was those guys who had to go to class, perform on the court, and deal with the pressure.

On this week’s show, we hear all about the emotional return to the Breslin Center and those key moments when the ramifications of the win started to set in.

Plus, we hear from the MSU baseball team, who also had an emotional week.

MSU baseball head coach Jake Boss Jr. tells the Coaches Show what it was like leading his team through this tragedy, including a big win against rivals Michigan down in Arizona.

We also hear from MSU outfielder Casey Mayes, who shares a player’s perspective on what it was like to return to the field and represent the Green and White.

You can watch the whole show in the video player at the top of the page.